姓 名:单鸿波

性 别:男

职 称:教授

职 务:教务处副处长

学 位:工学博士(机械工程)


Resaerch Interests:
Advanced  Product Design Theory and Method; 3D weaving machine with lightweight composite  materials; Ergonomics for Mechanical Engineering;

Academic Experiences  
Fellow of Drawing Technology Committee of China Graphics  Society (CGS)
Senior Member of Chinese Mechanical  Engineering Society (CMES)
Fellow of the  Education Guidence Committee in M.E. and it's Automation of Shanghai at Colleges  & Universities Level
Fellow of Education Committee of  DongHua University
Member of ShangHai Engineering Graphics  Society (SHEGS);
Secretary of ME Postdoctoral Research  Programs of DongHua University;
Assembly Automation  (ISSN:0144-5154)、Mathematical and Computer Modelling (ISSN:  0895-7177)、Robotica(ISSN:0263-5747)和Textile Research Journal  (ISSN:0040-5175)等期刊审稿专家;
Reviewer of the following Int. Journals:  
Assembly Automation  (ISSN:0144-5154,http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?issn=0144-5154) ,  Mathematical and Computer Modelling (ISSN: 0895-7177,  http://www.journals.elsevier.com/mathematical-and-computer-modelling/#description)  ,  Robotica(ISSN:0263-5747,http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=ROB)  and
Textile Research Journal (ISSN:0040-5175, http://trj.sagepub.com/);  
美国University of Michigan-Ann Arbor访问学者(2009-2010年度);
Visiting Scholar at  University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA (2009-2010);

Research  Projects: There are 6 projects in recent 3 years, the 2 projects is  understudying, the 4 projects were finished.)  

Press in Journals or  Int. Conference (Ranked the 1st Author):
1. Value Chain-based Business  Process Optimization Modeling for the Third Party Logistics Enterprise, Applied  Mechanics and Materials. 2011, 44-47: 782-787(EI: 20110313585949)
2.  Research on assembly sequence planning based on genetic simulated annealing  algorithm and ant colony optimization algorithm. Assembly Automation. 2009,  29(3): 249~256 (SCI:ISI000268969800007/EI: 10812615)
3. Function principle  structure model for conceptual design, Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE 10th  International Conference on Computer-Aided Industrial Design & Conceptual  Design (CAID&CD 2009), Wenzhou, China, 2009, 1150~1153 (EI: 11057686/ISTP:  ISI000275947300264)
4. The Comparison between Genetic Simulated Annealing  Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for ASP. The IEEE International  Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, Dalian,  China, 2008 (EI: 090111835791/ISTP:ISI000263466105450)
5. Ant Colony  Optimization Algorithm-Based Disassembly Sequence Planning, The 2007 IEEE  International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, Harbin, China, 2007,  867~872 (EI:075110979336/ISTP:ISI000251178101013)
6. Genetic simulated  annealing algorithm-based assembly sequence planning, The 2006 International  Technology and Innovation Conference, Hangzhou, China, 2006, 1573~1579  (EI:072610669376)
7. Function- and Graph-based Product Principle Structure  Modeling and Optimization for Conceptual Design. Journal of the Chinese  Institute of Industrial Engineers. 2004, 21(5): 484~493 (EI:05239142367)
8.  本体范畴下一种新的功能定义及对应的产品设计过程划分. 工程设计学报, 2011, (18)1: 9~16.
The function's  definition and corresponding division for product design process on ontology  domain(in Chinese). Journal of Engineering Design, 2011, 18(1): 9~16.
9.  基于功能矩阵空间和变换法的产品设计需求功能获取. 工程设计学报, 2007, 14(3): 187~193.
Acquisition of  Product Designer Requirement Function Based on the Method of Function Matrix  Space Union Transformation (in Chinese). Journal of Engineering Design, 2007,  14(3): 187~193.
10. 功能范畴下产品概念设计阶段用户需求功能的表达. 东华大学学报. 2007, 33(3): 277~281.  
Research on Expression of Customer Requirement Function for Product  Conceptual Design Phase in Function Domain (in Chinese). Journal of Donghua  University (Natural Science Edition). 2007, 33(3): 277~281.
11.  基于进化博弈的企业R&D外包联盟研究. 机械制造, 2007, 45(5): 1~4.
Enterprise R&D  Outsourcing Coalition Based on Evolution Game Theory (in Chinese). Machinery,  2007, 45(5): 1~4.
12. 基于空间定性推理的用户需求功能转换. 机械科学与技术, 2007, 26(8): 1071~1075.  
Transformation of Product Customer Requirement Function Based on Space  Qualitative Reasoning (in Chinese). Mechanical Science and Technology, 2007,  26(8): 1071~1075.
13. 现代产品设计理论相关研究现状综述. 东华大学学报. 2006, 32(5): 118~124.  
Survey of Current Research on the Modern Product Design Theory and  Methodology (in Chinese). Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science  Edition). 2006, 32(5): 118~124.
14. 产品DFA相关研究现状及展望. 中国制造业信息化, 2007, 36(11):  18~23.
Survey of Current Research on DFA and Forecast of Future Work (in  Chinese). Manufacture Information Engineering of China, 2007, 36(11): 18~23.  
15. 基于Web的面向装配设计系统研究与实现. 计算机辅助设计与图形学学报, 2005, (17)2:  341~346.(EI:05129008525)
Research on Web-Based Design For Assembly System  (in Chinese). Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics. 2005,  17(2): 341~346. (EI:05129008525)
16. 面向问题域的产品概念设计阶段需求功能的描述及转换研究. 中国机械工程,  2005, (16)3: 234~238.(EI:05108876270)
Problem Domain Oriented Requirement  Function Description and Transformation in Product Conceptual Design Process (in  Chinese). China Mechanical Engineering, 2005, 16(3): 234~238. (EI: 05108876270)  
17. 基于模糊集表达和熵处理的用户需求评价. 工程设计学报, 2005, 12(6): 329~333.
Customer  Requirement Retrieval for Product based on Fuzzy Sets and Entropy (in Chinese).  Journal of Engineering Design, 2005, 12(6): 329~333.

Honors and Awards:  
The Ethics Pace-setter, DongHua University, 2007  
The Excellent Young Teacher, DongHua University, 2007  
The second prize of Teaching contest, DongHua  University, 2007
The Excellent Advisor for  undergraduate's Sci&Tec activity at off-class, DongHua University, 2009  
The YUCAI Execellent Teacher, Shanghai City, 2009  
The first prize of High Education Teaching  Achievement of Shanghai( ranked the 4th), 2009
The Excellent Individual in Extending Employment, DongHua University, 2011  

Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing  I(080021)
Descriptive Geometry and Engineering  Drawing II( 080024)
Engineering Design and  Drawing(080011)
Training and Methods of creative  thinking and methods(082501)

Contact info:  上海松江人民北路2999号4号学院楼4029室, 201620
Add:4029 No.4 College Building, 2999 North  Renmin Rd, Songjiang, Shanghai, P.R.C, 201620
E-mail: hbshan@dhu.edu.cn  
Office: +86-(0)21-67792564 ex 108
Fax: +86-(0)21-67792439




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